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Leisure Group : The ultimate focal point for fantastic experiences
As an online travel shopper, Leisure Group connects you to unbeatable prices, places and packages backed by passionate personal service.

As one of our two million-plus holiday and travel club members, as a property partner, as a third-party accommodation reseller, as a distribution channel, as a corporation ... Leisure Group connects you.

Ultimately Leisure Group is more of a conduit than a company - a highly-empowering hub where everyone connects and everyone wins. From the best of both worlds to best in the world!

In just four years Leisure Group has emerged as one of this country’s most innovative, entrepreneurial and expansive travel company.

Today, having evolved and refined its ground-breaking business model in the highly-competitive Australian arena, Leisure Group stands passionate and poised to bring its uniquely-empowering promise to the world.
Loyalty & Membership
Through our Great Escape Marketing brand, Leisure Group can work with you to design, build and manage dynamic, cost effective loyalty and rewards programs tailored to suit a range of business needs.

Great Escape Marketing specialises in promoting off-peak accommodation (below the line) to our membership database and through targeted online and telesales campaigns (above the line).

This provides the property with profitable and incremental business at times when it might otherwise have low occupancy and provides attractive discounts to consumers.

Great Escape Marketing will establish several different and unique marketing strategies that will assist in significantly increasing occupancy levels.

Reservations Fulfillment Centre
Our Fulfilment Centre consists of a team of experienced Reservations Consultants who are committed to providing the highest level of service and travel advice.

Consultants are equipped with the most up-to-date product knowledge by familiarisations, property site inspections and an in-depth training program.

They are also equipped with state of the art call Centre phone software insuring each phone call and email enquiry is tracked and followed up promptly giving our customers the best possible service.

While we are focused on promoting the best suite of resorts and hotels, we have teamed up with Virgin Blue, Thrifty Car Rentals, QBE Insurance and International Cruise Excursions to ensure that our customers are presented with the complete "one-stop holiday experience".
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